what that is love? ? ?
when does your hand palm sweat, your heart trembles, your voice is as hooking at throat, that doesn’t love, but like

when does your hand not stop to hold and nudge it, that doesn’t love, but desire

when do you vouchsafe all you take a fancy to, that doesn’t love, but liberality

when do you say to it that succumbed only, that doesn’t love, but false

when do you like him because he selalau accompany you, that doesn’t love, but solitude.

when do you accept it for fear of he offended, that doesn’t love, but pity

so, what that is love? ?
love sacrifice. . . .
love to mean to give. .
love death on egoism
love to mean to get to what existence without condition. .

really difficult done
but, that’s price that to a love


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